Jetstar Flights to Canberra: Travel Guide

For the longest time, Jetstar bypassed Canberra and didn’t fly into the capital. But there are now 3 different Jetstar flights into Canberra.

Jetstar Canberra

Where Does Jetstar Fly From Canberra

There are currently 3 direct flights that Jetstar flies from Canberra:

  • Canberra -> Melbourne
  • Canberra -> Gold Coast
  • Canberra -> Brisbane
Jetstar Flights to Canberra

Jetstar currently only flies these routes once per day. The flights into Melbourne fly into Melbourne Airport. TigerAir which used to service the Canberra-Melbourne route only flew into Avalon airport which was less convenient.

Is Jetstar the Only Low-Cost Airline in Canberra?

Jetstar is the only discount airline to operate out of Canberra. Tiger Airways used to fly from Canberra Airport but ceased operations in 2020 when parent company Virgin Australia was placed into administration and sold.

Flying Internationally with Jetstar

Jetstar flies to a number of international destinations including Bali, Fiji, Japan and New Zealand. However you may be able to easily book a connecting flight through Jetstar. Jetstar only flies out of Canberra which means there aren’t many connecting options.

If you are looking to fly on Jetstar it’s easier to book through Qantas. Your Flight to Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney will most likely be on Qantas (or QantasLink). It will often end up being cheaper just to fly on Virgin which does have plenty flights out of Canberra.

The other option is to take a Coach from Canberra to Sydney. Both the Murray’s and Greyhound buses stop at Sydney International Airport which makes it really easy to fly out of Sydney. This is often the cheapest option.

Will Jetstar Add More Flights in the Future?

Jetstar hasn’t given any indication of future plans for its Canberra routes. It’s a positive sign that Jetstar added the two new routes of MEL-CBR and OOL-CBR in 2022.

We definitely won’t see a Jetstar route between Canberra and Sydney. This route is primarily flown by turbo-prop aircraft and doesn’t suit the Jetstar Fleet. It’s more likely Jetstar would add routes to cities like Cairns or The Sunshine Coast.


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