What is Canberra Known For?

Ever wondered what Canberra is known for. Here is my list of things that Canberra is known for both from within and outside of the city:

The Capital of Australia

Canberra is most well known as the Capital of Australia. It was chosen as the capital after a dispute as to whether Sydney or Melbourne should be the capital. It was considered a suitable location between the two major cities in Australia.

Home to Australia’s Federal Government

As the Capital of Australia, Canberra is also home to Australia’s Federal Government. On the news in Australia, they will often refer to Australia’s Government as simply “Canberra”. While there is a lot more to Canberra than simply politics, it does play a huge part in Canberra’s story. Many Canberrans are employed in the Public Service and work for various Government Departments.

Parliament House in Canberra
Parliament House in Canberra

National Museums and Galleries

Canberra is home to a number of national museums and galleries. These include the National Gallery of Australia, The National Portrait Gallery of Australia, The National Museum of Australia, The National Library and The National Archives.

Planned City

Canberra is a planned city. The original design was created by Burley Griffin after Canberra was chosen to be the capital of Australia. This makes it one of the few cities in the world that is entirely planned. This has its pros and cons. Many would say Canberra doesn’t have the same chaotic character as cities like Melbourne and Sydney. The upside is Canberra is considered a more “liveable” city. Most people who move to Canberra end up staying!


Canberra is the roundabout capital of Australia. While other cities technically have more, Canberra has the most per capita. Why does Canberra have so many roundabouts? City planners in Canberra believe that roundabouts are a safer form of intersection as the force cars to slowdown. While they may be confusing for visitors, roundabouts also increase traffic flow (most of the time).

The Bush Capital

Canberra is sometimes referred to as the Bush Capital. Driving around Canberra it’s easy to see why. Vast areas within the ACT are bushland. Even right in the centre of Canberra you’ll find large nature reserves and you definitely won’t feel like you’re in the middle of a city.

Cold Weather

Canberra is the coldest major city in Australia. Temperatures in winter often drop below 0 degrees and Canberran’s are used to scraping the ice off windshields of a morning. While it doesn’t snow in Canberra, you can often see snow on the mountains surrounding Canberra. Every now and then snow will fall in Canberra but it does not settle on the ground.

So even though Canberra isn’t cold compared to European or North American standards, it does get colder in the winter than other cities in Australia.

Highest Educated City in Australia

Canberra is the highest educated city in Australia. Just under 40% of Canberran adults hold a bachelor degree. 98% of the adult population holds a year 12 certificate. Both of these stats are higher than any other state or territory in Australia.


Canberra is the only major city in Australia which is inland away from the coast. The city is built around 3 major lakes. All of which are man made. Lake Burley Griffin in the heart of Canberra is the most famous.


I grew up in Canberra and apart from a brief stint overseas I've spent my entire life here. I've watched Canberra grow from a sleepy town into a thriving city. I want to share the best Canberra has to offer through LoveCanberra.

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